jason + shunna, happily ever after

I had one of the most fun weddings recently. Two beautiful people, fun crowd, great music and to boot, we tried out a new thing. I brought along a crew and a light kit and we put together a photobooth for the guests. After about 45 minutes into the reception, I started encouraging some of … Continue reading

mommy tip [1] using available light

ALL cameras will react nicely to great light. Even cell phone cameras. Once you find a sweet spot of light, have fun!

the little lady is here

When my sister in law announced that she was pregnant, we were all excited. Then, we found out that it was definitely a girl. Of course, the first question is always, “well do you have a name picked out!?” Apparently they did but Josh & Rebekah were keeping it a surprise until the birthday. Until … Continue reading

behind the scenes, giving away the secrets

Do you have a problem with behind the scenes photos being taken of you? Is it because you are afraid of ideas being stolen or secrets revealed?

meeting lotus

In January of 2009, I met one of the most beautiful people I probably will ever know. Chantel Jiroch is a model and she’s gorgeous but she is also one of the most down to earth women as well. Anytime I am with her in public, literally she has people telling her just how beautiful … Continue reading

let’s get this started [part two]

Part Two: I began February with a shoot for a makeup artist friend, Stevie Martin of Divine Metamorphosis. She is amazing! We worked together for most all of 2009 and I look to her first for all of my makeup artist needs. A few photographers assembled at the World of Wheels in Atlanta to shoot … Continue reading

so, let’s get this started [part one]

I did technically do my homework as requested by Shawna to get a blog started. However, I don’t think she meant to leave it stagnant. So here is my attempt to get this started. My tendency is to introduce myself but I believe that the about me page and through the different posts over time, … Continue reading

getting started

choosing themes, picking a title… its a lot of work, but soon, it’ll be fabulous!