the girl behind the lens


photo credit: Evan Tantum Photography

atlscgrad says:

“Amazing eye and wonderful use of color and light! The locations and people always look amazing. Julie is never afraid to try something new and that is why she does amazing work!”

18th November, 2010

Psoup216 says:

“Jules is the best. I don’t know what else to even say. The body of work speaks for itself.”

8th May, 2009

Minus Zero says:

“I have been following jj’s work for around a year now and still find myself amazed and awed every time I look at her photostream. Her dedication to photography is totally inspiring and gives a novice like myself something to shoot for.
Don’t ever stop :)”

4th November, 2008

Dubtastic says:

“Julie does more than fill memory cards, hard drives, and Flickr pages with talent. She pours her soul and personality into her work, making great pictures that much better. Rather than just creatively capturing a specific moment in time, she does so while at the same time, coupling that moment with an amazing injection of life, heart, talent, and character. That is why her work is so captivating.”

21st July, 2008

kajatl says:

“There really is no “just” about Julie. Her photojournalist approach to wedding photography is spot on. She establishes a connection with her subjects, whether they be models, a proud papa, a newborn, or one of her fellow photogs. I always look forward to what she’ll come up with next. Not bad for a Nikon girl. ;)”

29th June, 2008

Lola Gets! says:

“I have been following Julie’s work for a while and I am completely impressed and proud of the way she has embraced her passion for photography. In the last few months she has worked hard to achieve a great technique and composition on her photos and the results speak for themselves. Her work and commitment is OUTSTANDING!!!”

29th May, 2008

~tricky business~ says:

“Julie? Well, she’s amazing. Strong and beautiful, determined and engaging. Julie has taught me that it’s okay to be human, to focus on what makes you happy, and never take for granted what is truly important to feed your soul. I am constantly jealous of her amazing work- her photography just astounds me. From gritty to whimsical, this girl can capture it all with style and sass. Not only is she amazing in her work- but she is an amazing mother and friend. What more could you ask for? Jules, you inspire me to be the woman I am inside.”

2nd May, 2008

-delp- says:

“I love spending time on Julie’s portfolio. It’s like in the center of a big city: at each corner, something catches your attention.
A delicate and sensitive poetry, the capture of a strong personality, a clever play with light every time, every image is a wonder, a story.

And no visit ends without meeting Julie’s sparkling eyes.

It is my great pleasure to come here often.

Chapeau bas Julie !”

22nd March, 2008

::Katrina:: says:

“~just julie~ has an incredible eye for capturing a golden moment, a charming smile or a fascinating detail that others may miss. A dove, a kiss, the glimer in someone’s eye, a roller coaster, she catches it all. There’s such an intimacy in her photos; a sense of trust and love between julie and her subjects. And when Julie turns the camera onto her self, her smile just dazzles! Did i mention she’s sassy too? Definitely not a vase.”

23rd February, 2008

¤ njm ¤ says:

“Julie photographs from the heart and has the eye of a natural photographer. All you need to do is take a look at her portraits of her children or some of her shots out in nature, and you’ll know that she connects with all of her subjects (flowers, sunsets, and children alike!). That personal connection with the shot is something that you can’t be trained to produce; you either have it or you don’t. Julie has it, and thank goodness she does. It allows her to take some breathtaking photographs.”

20th November, 2007

** testimonies taken from a photo site that Julie has been a member of since September 2007**

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Julie shooting Christina in Atlanta ("find the light")

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