what has been and what is to come

In September 2010, I received a Flickr email from a guy named Oscar Ferrer. He had just gotten this business started of renting equipment to photographers and he was asking to bring a few pieces down to one of my South Atlanta Flickr meetings. I took two days to respond as I wasn’t sure about having a “salesman” at our photography social meetup.

I’m so glad that we decided to let him and his sweet wife, Lili come down. It was quite a drive from Alpharetta to McDonough for him but he graciously brought the pieces that our members wanted to try out and an instant friendship was made.

Over the next two years, Oscar has been active not only in the South Atlanta group but with several other groups (including Atlanta Photographer’s Guild) and in my own photography business. If you are a photographer friend of mine (especially locally in Atlanta), then you have heard of me mentioning Aperturent.com

Oscar and his wife, Lili have been serving photographers all over Atlanta and beyond for several years now. They have earned several rave reviews and their ratings are off the chart. When I describe the company, I normally say, “they have the BEST customer service you will find.”

A few weeks ago, Oscar and I talked about the possibility of me joining the Aperturent.com team. Apparently, their business has grown exponentially over the years. They even have a lot of video equipment they are now renting. Oscar’s office is now part of the storage! In the very early part of 2012, they will be moving to a larger office (in the same building).

I got my start in photography with the help of several other local photographers (too many to name). They were all willing to share their knowledge with me whether it was during a shoot, over a cup of coffee or during a workshop. So, over the last four years, I have also returned that favor. I have included people in my shoots simply to show them the process, I have sat down over a cup of coffee (in exchange for an iPhone one time!) and talked the business and I have hosted several workshops in the last few years.

I’m completely excited that I am now a team member of Aperturent.com and will be working with them part-time until they move into their larger facility. I’ll be doing what I do best! (well, besides photography) I’ll be assisting with their social media connections, taking care of current customers and helping draw in even more customers!

I am completely thrilled to not only be working in the photography industry but to be working for a company that I already believed in. Now that I’ve been behind the scenes only a matter of days, I can attest to you that it is JUST as wonderful on the inside as it would seem. These guys are more awesome than you’ll ever know.

I want to thank Oscar & Lili for giving me the opportunity to not only help them with the company but also to help those of you who call, email, text, tweet, fb, flickr your questions in to Aperturent. If you need to ask, you can find me at jhunter@aperturent.com 🙂

Also, I asked Oscar if I could do my friends a favor and give them a little something on my behalf and he was more than happy to let me! So, from now until the end of the November, you can use coupon code: JHUNTER during your checkout and get a whopping 20% off of your order. This would be a great time to try out that new full frame camera body, or rent a new lens for some family photos. Don’t forget to check out the video equipment line too! We are getting new stuff in all the time… keep checking back.

You’ll also start hearing from us more via emails… have you signed up?

I hope to see you soon in the office or hear from you via the many different ways you can reach us!

6 Responses to “what has been and what is to come”
  1. Vicki Tate says:

    That’s awesome Julie! Congratulations to you and Oscar! And thanks for the 20% discount. 😉

  2. Melissa Craddock says:

    congrats on the new venture! that’s very exciting. best wishes for lots of future success.

  3. Ed Selby says:

    See, aren’t you glad you listened to me when I was teaching about using a light meter? 😉 Congratulations, JJ!

  4. Jeff Anderson says:

    Great news Julie! I recently rented from Aperturent for the first time. Your statement, “they have the BEST customer service you will find.” is so true. They were fantastic and I’ll rent from them again.

    Now with your new venture any chance of expand down to the Henry County area? That would be really great.

    congratulations again and best of luck!

  5. Chad Corliss says:

    Congratulations Julie, Oscar couldn’t have picked a better person.

  6. I would love to have a store for photographers in Cartersville, GA. We have a ton of photographers and NOT a one store here for us.

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