shooting weddings. its all about the details

I think what separates some wedding photographers from others is definitely the eye for details. Of course, the formals and staged shots are very important to the family but what is often overlooked are the small things that the bride has chosen for her special day.

Most brides have dreamed about this day since they were little girls. Not all of them have “Monica’s Wedding Book” (Friend’s episode reference) that has locations divided into sections, “First, organized alphabetically, then geographically, then by square footage.” If a bride is choosing you to shoot her special day, she wants everything captured.
When I shoot a wedding, I like to try and tell a story through the photos. I pretend as though I am shooting for a distant relative who cannot fly in for the ceremony and try to show them every little thing that they might’ve missed. One of the best compliments I received after shooting one of my first weddings was from a grandfather of the bride. He was physically unable to attend the day’s ceremony but enjoyed all of the photos. “It felt like I was right in the room.

Photographers: If you think that weddings are something you would like to shoot but you are unsure of what you need to capture throughout the day, I’ve broken weddings down into sections for my bridal/wedding workshop that is to be held on September 4th. Not only are we learning what to shoot but you’ll get the opportunity to immediately put that into practice at the gorgeous Eagles Landing Country Club. You can find the signup info and other details here.


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