shooting boudoir

I’ve been shooting models since 2008 and typically they are a more confident personality.  They are aware of their flaws but can work around them. They know how to pose and know exactly what face looks great for the camera. I’ve worked with some of the best in Atlanta in my opinion. I started shooting boudoir in late 2009. I felt like I could bring something interesting to the industry. I have a way of bringing out the sexy side of any personality. I find that someone with a low self esteem is a welcomed challenge. I absolutely love to hear how shocked they are at the photos of themself.

I am now offering boudoir workshops to assist photographers with how to communicate to, how to pose and how to light their clients. I named my boudoir business “Naturally Boudoir” for a few reasons. I love using natural light and I also don’t oversmooth skin in post production. I want you to see that you are beautiful, naturally…. not because I did some computer trick.

One of the things I love about shooting boudoir is the “tease”… not giving away everything in a photo. Some poses leave you wanting more and that’s exactly what it should do. The boudoir sessions are to celebrate weight loss, an anniversary, a breakup, a new romance, a wedding, a day ending in “y.” You get my point, there is never a reason not to do one!

Photographers, wanting to learn some new poses or learn how to capture boudoir? Maybe you would just like the opportunity to shoot at the beautiful Artmore Hotel? This Sunday, August 7th, I have just a few more spots available for you. Sign up here.   

You can see more of my boudoir work at 


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