maternity posting tip (stiff vs relaxed)

I’ve taught a few maternity workshops now and at this last one I took a great example of before/after with relaxed posing vs stiff posing.

I asked the model to “cradle” her tummy, she posed as you see on the left. You can see the obvious differences. She was a little stiff in the fingers and wasn’t relaxing in the pose. For this particular client, her belly was large enough that she could just exhale into a pose.  At times, we will have clients who are slimmer and have smaller tummies. They will need to push their stomach out in order to look fully pregnant. Otherwise you may not get a nice round belly shot. This is why I tailor each shoot according to the girl. A mom of twins will obviously be ready to shoot much earlier than a slim girl with her first child. Typically most maternity shoots are taken somewhere around 27-32 weeks, according to each mother.

Remember as you pose your clients, be aware of their size and their stature. Are they relaxed? Are their fingers posing too hard? At times during my shoots, I will often say, “lets just take a minute and breathe.” There are few people who are comfortable in front of a camera.

A tip for the mommies, be sure never to wear panel pants to a maternity shoot. They leave marks across your tummy and will make it difficult for the photographer in the post (editing) work. 

Wanting to learn more posing tips from Julie? She teaches workshops throughout the year. Join her group on flickr to keep up with announcements. There are three upcoming workshops in 2011.


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