shooting weddings. its all about the details

I think what separates some wedding photographers from others is definitely the eye for details. Of course, the formals and staged shots are very important to the family but what is often overlooked are the small things that the bride has chosen for her special day. Most brides have dreamed about this day since they … Continue reading

shooting boudoir

I’ve been shooting models since 2008 and typically they are a more confident personality. ¬†They are aware of their flaws but can work around them. They know how to pose and know exactly what face looks great for the camera. I’ve worked with some of the best in Atlanta in my opinion. I started shooting … Continue reading

maternity posting tip (stiff vs relaxed)

I’ve taught a few maternity workshops now and at this last one I took a great example of before/after with relaxed posing vs stiff posing. I asked the model to “cradle” her tummy, she posed as you see on the left. You can see the obvious differences. She was a little stiff in the fingers … Continue reading