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My husband’s sister and husband are doing an amazing work in college campus ministry. From their “about me” page on their blog:

Rebekah likes to read, go shopping, and spend time with friends. Josh likes to watch movies, find new music and eat fun foods. We both love to cook and be creative in the kitchen. Rebekah has recently taken up sewing and Josh has a little garden that he is taking care of.

Rebekah attended Southern Poly and received a degree in textile engineering. She currently works in sourcing. Josh graduated from Georgia Tech with a bachelors in psychology. He is working as a manager at a family owned restaurant.

While at school, we were very involved in campus ministry. Rebekah worked with and mentored female students, teaching them and showing them how to accept God’s love. Josh spent two years helping guys become Godly men through studying the Bible and counseling them as a mentor. We currently attend Church at the Grove in Loganville, GA.

It’s sad to know that they are preparing to leave this November for a year to be in England to continue their work, but knowing that they are doing something to help the college students is comforting. Josh & Rebekah are part of CMF International. I think that its awesome that they are taking this time to travel when they are young and can allow it. So many times in our lives, as older adults, I know we feel like we wish we did more. They are also responsible for their own fund raising. They are two very resourceful young people. Your donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated by the Holt family and put to great use! Follow this link, and be sure to note that the donation is for “Josh & Rebekah Holt”

Recently, a new blessing came along in their newly married life. On April 18th, 2010, Miss Lilla Jane arrived. Yesterday, I was able to go and spend the day with Lilla & Rebekah (Bekah to us) and take a few photos. Who am I kidding, I took a ton of photos! What was wonderfully special about this shoot was that everything had some sentimental value.

First we took some photos of Lilla Jane in the outfit that her mother came home from the hospital in:

lilla jane @ 3 weeks

Then we had to take a photo of her daddy’s favorite outfit laying on the blanket that he used as a baby:

lilla jane @ 3 weeks

Bekah also had some pearls that belonged to her grandmother and we found a cute way to arrange them around Lilla Jane:

lilla jane @ 3 weeks

Then, it was time to just play and have fun… Lilla Jane is so sweet, she didn’t mind Aunt JuJu moving her around at all:

lilla jane @ 3 weeks

lilla jane @ 3 weeks

lilla jane @ 3 weeks

lilla jane @ 3 weeks

lilla jane @ 3 weeks

lilla jane @ 3 weeks

Congratulations to Josh & Rebekah, I wish you well on your travels… even if it means Aunt JuJu has to fly over for the next few photo shoots! (oh darn!… haha)


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