mommy tip [1] using available light

I had an epiphany today. A lot of parents ask me how I get such great photos of my [four] daughters. Today, I realized I had to power to share some of the tricks and tips I have learned not only as a mommy but as a photographer through this blog.
Today is a great example of realizing a great photo is only a thought away. My 8 month old daughter is cutting two teeth and I’ve been trying to get a photo of her showing them off. So, when I pulled into the driveway and noticed that the morning light was illuminating her blue eyes, I grabbed my camera. When I opened the car door, she was so happy, a few “gonna get cha’s” and she was smiling big. I shot about 13 before she smiled where her bottom two teeth were showing good.
No great studio setup, no fancy lights…. just noticed how beautiful the light was bouncing off of her eyes. ALL cameras will react nicely to great light. Even cell phone cameras. Once you find a sweet spot of light, have fun! Morning light is best because its not too harsh and baby won’t be wincing and upset from being blinded.


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