jason + shunna, happily ever after

I had one of the most fun weddings recently. Two beautiful people, fun crowd, great music and to boot, we tried out a new thing. I brought along a crew and a light kit and we put together a photobooth for the guests. After about 45 minutes into the reception, I started encouraging some of the bridesmaids and family members to go and try it out. That was all we needed! Pretty soon, everyone was getting their picture made and before long, we had about 500 images!

The photobooth was successful in my opinion, here is what we came out with:

Some of the beautiful moments captured at Jason & Shunna’s wedding…
I love that they saw each other before the wedding and that I got to be at their first glance to capture the looks on their faces.

Finding new places to take the “rings” shot.

Two of the sweetest pictures I’ve ever taken at a wedding…

Such a beautiful couple!

Congratulations to YOU Jason & Shunna!

2 Responses to “jason + shunna, happily ever after”
  1. twanna peppers says:

    The video and pictures were beautiful!!! you did a wonderful job with the set up. looking forward to see when all is done we most definitely will use your service in the future myself (Twanna) Shunna mom and family were over satisfied with the GREAT! service that all of you gave.

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