so, let’s get this started [part one]

I did technically do my homework as requested by Shawna to get a blog started. However, I don’t think she meant to leave it stagnant. So here is my attempt to get this started. My tendency is to introduce myself but I believe that the about me page and through the different posts over time, you will get to know me and what I am about.
So far, 2010, has been pretty active.
My first shoot of the year included a model friend, Danielle Korman who had modeled for South Atlanta Flickr before. So, Melissa and I dragged her up to Cory‘s rooftop and did a little shooting.
only 15 degrees in Atlanta on this evening...
Then we dragged her down to the basement for a little more shooting…
danielle. love in an elevator
Then, started a new tradition this year of shooting once a month with my fellow administrators from South Atlanta Flickr. Our first shoot was super laid back and really fun. Had Miss Bonnie Rae in there and took our time working on interesting shots.
she's packing heat
bonnie rae. finding who we are
As a special treat for her husband, fellow photographer, Alicia Echols of Echo Ali Photography asked me to do a boudoir set with her. I absolutely feel honored when another photographer asks me to photograph them. We had so much fun! Even her little girl helped us out πŸ™‚
our little assistant
lovin', touchin', squeezin'
alicia. these boots weren't made for walking
The model shoot for January at South Atlanta Flickr started off with a bang! It was close to my best friend’s [Kevi] 40th birthday, so I asked her to come along and be a model for a night. She did great!
yes, she is 40! can you believe that?
We also had a new face, Renee who was friends with Megan Case, fellow administrator. Renee did an excellent job.
windows to the soul
At our model shoots, we prefer to have three models and one of them had backed out so I called in a favor and good friend, Danielle D’Carlo who is also a photographer came up and modeled for us. She’s always fun to shoot!
anything but quiet
Another highlight of this year so far has been shooting a deployment ceremony. Matt & I drove over to Auburn, AL on a very rainy Sunday and our hearts were broken by watching these moms, dads, daughters and sons say goodbye to family.
deployment in alabama
deployment in alabama
deployment in alabama
and with that I think I’ll close this blog out. This will be 1 of 2 blogs to catch up.

2 Responses to “so, let’s get this started [part one]”
  1. DANG!! KEVI! you look amazing, girl!
    Julie, I’m very proud of you. You just get better and better.

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